Discovery Process

I work with business owners to understand and resolve common IT and operational pain points. I leverage my experience to help businesses address unstated and peripheral IT needs. I provide strategic and tactical support to facilitate desired business outcomes.

Why Me?

The entire arc of my (MIS) career which spans almost 30 years now, has been dedicated to working with and building highly organized and effective service operations. Where my primary philosophy is know what you are doing, know why you are doing it, know if you are doing it right, and determine if you can do it better. All of this done in a way that empowers the individual through supportive mentoring and encouraged success. This is the standard and the vision that I bring to each and every enagement.

Consultants vs Technicans An Important Distinction

A technician is a technical person employed by a business whose sole purpose is to resolve the technical issues being experienced by someone with as minimal effort as possible. Their goal is to find out what your technical issue is and to put the quickest bandaid possible on it so that they can move on to the next task. A technology consultant, however, is much more than that. A technology consultant is someone who can work with technology, but has the wisdom and the desire to see past the immediate or obvious. A technology consultant is someone who can analyze a problem and not only come up with a tempoarary fix or work-around for the problem, but develop an entire strategy to eliminate that problem from ever coming back, all while providing the maximum level of customer service, technical aptitude, and business-conscious advice possible. A technology consultant can differentiate between the "right way" to do something and the "easy way" to do something and will always make sure they do right be their clients. This is the standard and commitment I bring to each and every engagement.

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